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Traffic related complaints make up a large part of the incidents in which we are requested to address or respond to.  As such, our officers attempt to vigorously enforce all traffic laws throughout all parts of the town.  Should you have a concern about a particular area, please use our 'Community Concern Form' to submit information about speeders or other traffic violations that are occurring in that location and when conditions allow, Centreville Police Officers may be able to set up speed enforcement or use other techniques to address your concerns.  




Speed Camera


Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras (Speed Cameras) have been in use in the Town of Centreville for several years.  These devices are on-duty 5 days a week, 14 hours a day from 6am to 8pm and are a tremendous asset to our community.  The speed cameras are used in areas of the town where speeding concerns have been raised and that it is impractical for officers to physically provide enforcement.


Currently, speed cameras are located:

  • Kidwell Avenue in the area of Queen Anne Circle

  • Chesterfield Ave. in the area of Watson Road


Updated 12/11/2018