Scams, phishing for your information

There are and endless variety of scams developed to con good people out of their money over the phone, through computer popups, and by email.  These subjects are most likely calling you from another country where they have actual call centers dedicated to ripping you off.  That's correct, it is that profitable for them.  They threaten you with the police, IRS, threatening to release personal information, and are even starting to pose as members of your very own family by pulling the information off your social media pages like Facebook.

How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim?  Lets start by understanding their tactics.  The number one tactic used in the more successful scams is developing a sense of urgency or panic with the victim.  If you are instilled with fear your ability to think rationally simply gets pushed to the side.  To combat this, follow these simple steps.



Step 1 PAUSE..  you have the ability to give yourself time to think in almost every situation in life, make sure you take it.  Some questions that will be useful to ask yourself are.  Am I being asked to provide personal or business information?  Am I being given a time limit or any type of deadline?  Do I believe something bad will happen if I don't follow the instructions that are given to me?  Does this opportunity just seem too good to be true?  

Step 2 VERIFY..  make them prove who they are claiming to be.  
Look up the phone number that called you on google.  If you type the word "scam" and the number that called in the search box you will actually find out if your dealing with a scammer even faster.  A lot of times the number will be linked to forums on the web that tell the stories of what other people who received a call from this number have experienced.  You can even google the email address with the word "scam" and see what comes up for that as well.   continued below......



the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Scams continued....

Step 3 Finally, Contact a professional.  It doesn't have to be limited to the police, it can be your bank, accountant, lawyer, financial adviser or another person you trust to guide you in the right direction.


When all these steps are utilized you will certainly decrease your chances of being scammed.


Town of Centreville


The Town is ready to begin Phase 3 of the construction project.  The two-way traffic switch-over to Liberty Street is scheduled to take place Wednesday, October 24th at 9:00 p.m.  There are a few items to take note of with regards to this switch over:

  • No parking on Liberty Street after 5:00 p.m. today, Tuesday October 23rd to allow time for preparation of the switch over 

  • All parking will be restored on Commerce Street - residents and businesses will be notified if parking is restricted at any time while construction is taking place in front of their residence or business

  • Please click here to view the parking map

  • No right-hand turns will be permitted at the intersection of Water Street and Broadway on Liberty Street by tractor and trailer trucks

  • To allow for a safe turning radius, the four parking spaces located on Water Street between Liberty and Commerce Streets will be removed

  • Phase 3 will begin on South Commerce Street and move north to approximately Lawyer's Row

  • Please remember to stop at all stop bars and do not block intersections or driveways

  • Water Street will remain a two-way street

  • Lawyer's Row will remain a one-way street but will be restricted to right-hand turns only onto Liberty Street

  • The temporary parking lot located on the corner of Water Street and Liberty Street will be restricted to right-hand turns only on to Water Street

  • The Town's parking lot located behind 105 N. Liberty Street will be restricted to right-hand turns only on to Liberty Street

  • Commerce Street will be closed to thru traffic and will be available for local traffic only.  Local traffic is: residents living on Commerce Street and individuals working in town or arriving in town to patronize the businesses

  • Businesses will be open on Commerce Street with parking available on Commerce Street

  • Upcoming events will not be affected

Please contact Michael Whitehill, Project Manager, at 443-988-1947 or at with any questions.

Town of Centreville - - Copyright 2018.
410-758-1180 - 101 Lawyers Row, Centreville, MD 21617 


After thoughtful consideration, the Centreville Day Planning Group decided to do the event on our published rain date which is Sunday, same time 11-3


Making a long complicated story short and sweet, any emails that seem to be from Amazon requesting you to follow a link to update any of your personal information should be deleted. Emails may advise something is wrong with your amazon order to get your attention. If at anytime you need to update this information make sure you do so using the Amazon app or directly on the Amazon website.